How to use Kiln Dried Firewood logs

This is a guide to show you how to get the most out of your firewood logs and achieve the long-lasting flames you are looking for. If you are finding it very difficult to light up your logs or firewood is burning too fast and it's not efficient. Carry on reading our blog to find ways you can recognise the best premium firewood logs in the market. 
It is very important that you go for a firewood that has less than 20% moisture levels as it will be dry and it easier to light up.  Kiln dried firewood is a good option to go for as you have a consistently dried logs compared with seasoned logs.
There are a variety of hardwood firewoods out there such as beech, birch, ash and oak etc. each having their own benefits. There is a difference in quality and price.
At Flextimb we exclusively picked kiln dried oak this is because it's easy to light up and has a long-lasting lively flames with a maximum heat output.

How to recognize Birch and Oak?


You can recognize birch as it usually is very bright in colour, from red to white/silver. Comparing to Oak, Birch is lighter timber. To separate birch from oak, you have to look at the bark, birch bark is white in colour and easily recognizable.


You can recognize oak distinctively as it has a greyish colour bark. It is slightly darker than birch. Oak's texture is different than birch.

Why Flextimb?

Our goal is to achieve maximum heat output by using less firewood. Shop for more