What is Kiln Dried Firewood

During the chilly months you could say that your winter fuels becomes an essential
in your home as filling each room with heat, coziness and comfort.
When buying firewood for your home, you need dependable consistent wood that will give you perfect lively flames every time you fire, that will last for long.
As a consumer it is very important to understand where the wood you're buying is coming from, how its been treated and prepared. You need to consider you own needs a firepit, chimney has a different requirement to a multi fuel or wood burning.

Benefits of kiln dried firewowd:

  • Ready to burn the day you get it
  • Less bark and debris for indoor storage
  • Produces less smoke when burning
  • Good option if you do need to move firewood
  • Lighter, so more can be carried at once
  • Ignites easily and produces hotter burning temperature
  • Does not have be stored outdoors (mold-free).

Kiln Dried Firewood vs Seasoned Firewood

A very common questions people have been asking over the years what is the difference between kiln dried firewood and seasoned wood?' Technically there should be no difference because well season logs should be properly dried to below 20% moisture content. But in reality its very often has very high readings. How often do you hear your local supplier informing you that the wood has been drying for 2 years and is very dry, but when you burn it, there is a struggle to burn and the stove glass blackens. This is because the wood has not properly dried.
Kiln dried firewood as the name implies, dried in large kiln. This is a process that is more quicker than seasoning and allows for significantly more consistent drying. When you buy kiln dried firewood logs you get wood that has been tested by specialists to posses a consistent guarantee moisture content level of under 20% for each log. This makes it perfect for fireplaces, wood burners and stoves. Kiln dried logs are much easier to light than other types of logs and the very low moisture level will burn cleaner and provide maximum long lasting heat output by burning cleanly. Will help maintain your stoves, fireplaces and chimney etc.
To summarize, Kiln dried logs is the best option if you're using a firepit, chimney, stove and open fire as kiln dried logs are ideal option due to the consistent lower moisture content and long lasting burn.